Providing quality tattooing with bold color, soft shading and solid black work.

Specializing in Black and Grey Realism, Color Realism, Abstraction, Watercolor, and Geometry.

Passionate in pushing the boundaries of each and all styles. Tattooing since 2010




My passion has always been any form of art but tattooing has taken the lead by far. I have my bachelors from Seton Hall University in graphic design and fine arts.

I love designing and executing black and gray pieces especially, but I’m pretty versatile and can do most other styles as well. I love designing custom pieces that are unique to the person so that your tattoo is truly one-of-a-kind.

Looking forward to collaborating with you to discover your perfect tattoo! Check out my Instagram @Nikinkki




I was born and raised in northern New Jersey. Ever since he could hold a pencil he has been drawing. My passion for art has only grown over the years leading me to pursue a formal education in the arts at Montclair State University.

Graduating with a bachelor of fine arts with a concentration in painting, I eventually moved on to tattooing. My influences pull from sources ranging from surrealism, to comics, movies, video games, and other genres of pop-culture.




I pride myself on being able to say all of my work is 100% custom whether it be your own design or one of my original flash drawings. I gravitate towards black work, dot work, illustrative, and traditional. Remember I am also here for all your black out needsi




I’ve always loved tattoos and the whole atmosphere. It's become my lifestyle Although I don’t actually tattoo I’ve made it my life by being a tattoo collector and I’ve dedicated my whole

Body to black and grey work. And I am also a piercing apprentice and work managing the front desk.